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White granulated sugar

The granules' size varies from 0.2 to 2.5 mm inclusive
GOST (All Union State Standard) 33222-2015

Organoleptic indicators


White, clean


Homogenous granular mass of crystals

Clarity of solution

Sugar solution should be clear, with no insoluble precipitate

Odour and flavour

Typical of sugar, sweet, with no foreign odours and flavours in sugar itself and in its water solution

Physical and chemical parameters

Parameter nameExtraТС1ТС2ТС3
Weight content of saccharose at a straight polarization,
%, not less than
Moisture content, %, not more than0.
Reducing agents on dried basis, % not more than0.030.0350.040.065
Ash weight content om dried basis, %, no less than0.0270.0360.0360.05
Colority of the solution, absorbance units (ICUMBA), %, not more than4560104195
Iron admixture content, %, not more than15
Sulfur dioxide content, %, not more than0.0003