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/ / A sugar beet harvest is in full swing

A sugar beet harvest is in full swing


A sugar beet harvest is in full swing

This year sugar beet harvesting in Agrocompany Nizhegorodskaya commenced on September 10 on Lopatinskiy and Sechenovskiy branches' lands. As of today ten beet harvesters Ropa Euro-Tiger and Maxtron work on agrocompany's lands.

At the beginning of the harvest the process was more complicated because of the post-effects of a drought which lasted 100 days in in Sergachenskiy district and 60 days in Sechenovskiy district in summer. The land was dry and hard which impeded lifting sugar beets. The drought affected the yield - this year it is 300 centner per hectar of land.

However, due to a change in weather condition and organized work of professionals, the harvest will be finished as scheduled.

Information about the company

Agrocompany VESNA LLC is a holding company, author and manager of investment projects, a sharehoolder in Sergacheskiy Sakharnyi Zavod and Agrocompany Nizhegorodskaya LLC.

Public company Sergacheskiy Sakharnyi Zavod is the northernmost manufacturer of sugar in Russia. It commenced operation in 1967. Its primary business is processing sugar beets and producing granulated sugar.

Agrocompany Nizhegorodskaya LLC is an agro-industrial company founded in 2012. Its primary business is growing sugar beets, leguminous and grain crops.