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Public company Sergacheskiy Sakharnyi Zavod

Public company Sergacheskiy Sakharnyi Zavod being managed by Agrocompany Vesna have been growing sugar beets and producing granulated sugar for over 50 years. Dynasties of workers and engineers work for us today. Whilst the factory's operating performance indicators and sugar beets yield are at groundbreaking levels thanks to modern technologies and investment programs.

The main operating performance indicators of the factory

Sugar beets harvesting (tonnes)

Sugar output (tonnes)

Sugar recovery (%)

Stages of granulated sugar production

Granulated sugar production consists of several stages.
Each production stage includes laboratory analyses.
Harvesting and transporting sugar beets to the factory
Washing sugar beets
Sugar beet slice production
Raw juice production and cleaning
Thick juice production by an evaporation process
The thick juice is crystallised into massecuite
Production of sugar crystals and syrup from massecuite
Cleaning and packaging granulated sugar

The main supplier of sugar beets for the sugar production is Agrocompany Nizhegorodskaya LLC

Agrocompany Nizhegorodskaya LLC is also being managed by Agrocompany VESNA and supplies more than 70% of all sugar beets to Sergacheskiy Sakharnyi Zavod which is then used in sugar production.

The site of Agrocompany Nizhegorodskaya is located in the south-eastern part of Nizhegorodskaya Oblast, in Sergacheskiy, Sechenovskiy, Pilninskoy, Knyagininskoy, Gaginskoy, Shatkovskiy, Perevozskiy, Lukoyanovskiy and Bolshemurashkinskiy districts.

Map of lands

Agrocompany Nizhegorodskaya LLC Acreage

Agrocompany Nizhegorodskaya LLC Machinery Fleet

The company's machinery fleet includes high tech imported machinery and the best Russian agricultural machinery:

  • Tractors Challenger, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, VERSATILE, Deutz-Fahr
  • Tractors МТZ 82, 1221, 1523; Belarus 82, Belarus 1221, Belarus 1523
  • Beet harvesters Ropa Euro-Tiger и Grimme Maxtron
  • Beet loader Ropa Euro-Maus
  • Harvester thresher Acros, Lexion, Tucano
  • Self-propelled sprayer Challenger
  • Towed and mounted machinery
  • Trucks and automobiles
  • Our own infrastructure to condition and dry grains with the capacity of more than 80,000 tonnes