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Company structure

Agrocompany VESNA LLC

Agrocompany VESNA LLC is a holding company, author and manager of the investment project of the Sergacheskiy Sakharnyi Zavod.

Andrey Valentinovich
Chief Executive Officer

Public company Sergacheskiy Sakharnyi Zavod

Public company Sergacheskiy Sakharnyi Zavod is the northernmost manufacturer of granulated sugar in Russia and the only one in Nizhegorodskaya Oblast. The factory's location has a strategic advantage when it comes to sales, since it gives the company the opprotunity to compete with other larger manufacturers due to a short transport leg with Privolzhskiy, Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts.

Oleg Sergeevich
Chief Operating Officer

Operating performance

Processing sugar beets
  • 3,000 tonnes a day
  • 330,000 tonnes a season
Production of sugar
  • 420 tonnes a day
  • 46,000 tonnes a season
Production of molasses
  • 90 tonnes a day


  • Sugar
  • Molasses
  • Sugar lime for reclamation
  • Beet pulp
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A directive of the Council of Ministers of RSFSR (the Russian Soviet Federated Socialistic Republic)  No.1228 to build a sugar factory in Skonchikha sloboda near the city of Sergach.
Construction of the factory commenced.
The factory begins operation.
The factory is privatised and OJSC Nizhegorodsakhar is established.
OJSC Nizhegorodsakhar is part of a vertically integrated corporation Zolotoy Kolos.
In order to increase the supply of raw materials to the factory, the Agrocompany was founded from bankrupted farms in 4 districts of the region.
The factory has the best operating performance: 56,300 tonnes of sugar is produced in 2005.
Sugar beet acreage and sugar output decline.
May, 2010
A decision to sell a block of shares of OJSC Nizhegorodsakhar to OJSC Holding Company Akbars.
Creditors of OJSC Nizhegorodsakhar decide to transfer all factory's assets to the equity capital of OJSC Sergacheskiy Sakharnyi Zavod.
OJSC Sergacheskiy Sakharnyi Zavod is registered.
End of 2015
The factory's owner OJSC Holding Company Akbars decide to stop operating in Nizhegorodskaya Oblast.
May, 2016
Nizhegorodskaya Agrocompany Vesna starts managing the nearing bankruptcy OJSC Sergacheskiy Sakharnyi Zavod
Sugar beet acreage increases by 5,700 hectares. Sugar output rises to 31,600 tonnes.
Sugar output rises to 43,100 tonnes.

Agrocompany Nizhegorodskaya LLC

Agrocompany Nizhegorodskaya LLC was founded in 2012; its primary business is growing sugar beets, leguminous, grain and oil-bearing crops.

Nikolay Borisovich
Chief Operating Officer

Manufacturing capacity

Cultivated land 53,000 hectares
Land bank
90,000 hectares
Sugar beets croppage 234,000 tonnes
Grain legumes and oil-bearing croppage exceeding 70,000 tonnes